About the Project

As Brazilian music has its origins in the music of various
cultures - indigenous, African, European, Spanish and
the musics of the Americas - it often goes in unpredictable
directions. Here Philippe Baden Powell's refined Brazilian
Jazz embraces the contagious rhythms of the Brazilian
Northeast and fusions of these rhythms with international
pop music - what Ivan Santos calls World Pop. And both
sides gain from this encounter. The sublime feeling of Baden
Powell's jazzy piano embellishes the danceable grooves and
economic harmonies that are the basis of Ivan Santos'
compositions. For its part, Philippe Powell invites the Trio
to stroll through landscapes and musical paths where
apparent simplicity hides a nice complex world.

The idea of this project was born from compositions that
Santos and Baden Powell have been creating for several
years.Writing lyrics for melodies of the pianist brought
Santos closer to a type of music quite different from his
own but which at the same time has to do with his
musical feeling. Now the different styles of each one
meets and these songs made in partnership are a kind
of bridge, a short and totally open one.


Ivan Santos

Ivan Santos is an outstanding singer-songwriter and lyricist from Paraiba, the tropical northeast of Brazil, who plays a very unique interpretation of Brazilian music.

Ivan's brazilian roots are harmoniously mixed with influences from various musical cultures and merge into his very special sound, 'Brazilian World Pop'.

In his compositions samba meets blues, funk meets baião and other adventurous encounters that make up his unique and recognisable style. Always groovy, sometimes 'soft', then again 'hot', Ivan's way of expressing his feelings musically is authentic. A well-travelled musical storyteller who, between humour and seriousness, sings about life.

The Grammys
For his musical collaboration with his friend, the Brazilian pop star Lenine, Ivan Santos was awarded a Grammy Award in the category "Best Portuguese Language Song" in 2005 for the lyrics of the hit "Ninguém Faz Idéia".

Philippe Baden Powell

French/Brazilian pianist and composer Philippe Baden Powell, son of fabled Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell, is reinventing Brazilian jazz in the lineage of his father’s generation.

Philippe's career sparked at the age of eleven when he joined his father on stage for the first time. After Studying at the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris, Philippe moved to Rio De Janeiro and worked with some of Brazil's most iconic musicians including Maria Bethânia,
Flora Purim, and Airto Moreira. Since returning to Paris in 2005 Philippe has collaborated with a wide range of other
forward thinking jazz musicians.

His studio work consists of several solo CDs, with his group or shared with musicians of the calibre of Melody Gardot, David Linx, Alexander Saada and Cecilia Zabala.

Some of the venues where Baden Powell has been attended: Olympia and Cité de La Musique (Paris), Montreux Jazz Festival, Quasimodo (Berlin), Markee Club (London), Montreal Jazz Festival.


The Ivan Santos Trio

The Ivan Santros Trio's arrangements pursue what could be called "dense transparency". Together the musicians play only the essential notes, then leave room for everyone to be heard almost individually. Each one has its place in a kind of complex rhythmic mesh. But what results from this is simplicity and clarity as if it were a 3D music; bright, swinging music but without losing its weight, its strength, its electricity.

The perfectly coordinated band delivers a groovy concert experience with great enthusiasm and wit, there is no fear of contact, typically Brazilian! From the very first note, the listener gets a good portion of the Latin American way of life, intoxicating, contagious and authentic. A musical mixture that inspires across generations and cultures.

Ivan Santos
Guitar / Vocals / Composition

Angela Frontera
Drums / Percussion / Back vocals

From the clubs of São Paulo
straight to gigs with Grace Jones, Airto Moreira, Hector Costita and
Nina Hagen. Angela's authenticity
and knowledge of Brazilian musical styles makes her one of the most sought-after percussionists on
the scene.


Marc-Inti is one of the most versatile bass players not only in the Germant music scene. Collaborations with Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito, Indian slide guitarist Dr. Prakash Sontakke, or English soul singer Tarq Bowen speak for themselves.

Live Videos

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